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I'll write a longer description later... maybe...

For now, here are most of the pictures.  There were a lot more Bonta-kun shots, but you get the idea.  A lot of people thought my friend was dressed as Pedobear, which was quite entertaining.  A lot of people pleaded to not be raped.  Also, ignore my horrible half-assed one-fourth-assed costume.  I procrastinated too much.

Anime Expo [AX] 2009

In line for our badges Nut stomp! Hard Gay          
Green Ranger Hawaiian Stormtroopers Bonta-kun I choose you!     Zangief   Code Geass
    Mario & Peach & Starman Cammy & Dhalsim Master Chief Brain Age 2 You lost it Why so srs?
Hey, another Bonta-kun! Jesus No More Heroes My friends and I Pocky   Souseiseki & Suiseiseki Suigintou
Eevees Peter Payne   Wolverine The Legend of Zelda The Legend of Zelda Kingdom Hearts Reimu & Marisa!
  Shredder Touhou Project Touhou Project Empoleon     You naughty Bonta-kun!
Mio   Haruhi Scary Jesus   Sakura   Epic Fail Guy?
Epic Fail Guy & Donkey Kong Donkey Kong & Bonta-kun   Nicolas D. Wolfwood       WoW
    Moogle?     Utsuho & Kogasa    
Star Wars Hunter Chef of War Gameboy Pedobear Pedor4p3 Pop'n Music Fever! Mr. Game & Watch

* If you are one of the characters posing in these pictures and you wish to have your picture removed, please contact me and I will do so right away. *

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