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Like many fans, I was emotionally hooked on Kana after just one run-through of the game. From there, I gathered my broken self and continued to explore the other 5 endings of the game. I was especially interested in Ending 1, seeing how it was going to be my last ending and I knew that Kana lived in one and only one ending.

But when I finally saw Ending 1, I have to admit that I first felt confused. It was nothing like what I had expected. It was only after I had left the game alone for a while that I started to notice what really happened. There was an emptiness inside of me. The story had left a hole in my head, and Kana...she left a hole in my heart. Because my feelings for Kana were so strong and they were never satisfied, a desire to do something grew inside of me.

Taka and Kana kissing

But what could I do? I have some talent, but I've never actually wanted to do anything big with it. Knowing what I'm capable of, if I was going to try to do anything, I knew that I was going to need help and support.

Darkling has been a huge support and boost to the project before and after it began. His early feedback gave me confidence in certain aspects of my writing that I could do very well. His comments and ideas have helped me bring the story into a perspective outside of my own. Along with that, he has been diligent and hard-working, and determined to help make this story the best it can be.

My brother, Zero, has been my main support from the beginning. During the time when he was working on "My Sister, My Strength", he showed me what I could do for Kana long before he had even started helping me. From the beginning, he's been with the story creation, intro, editing, flash, and the website you see here. It's fun when he's involved and can make any work situation feel more relaxing.

Zero is also the best equalizer between Darkling and I. Zero works like Darkling and strives for the same high quality of work. Also, Zero's intuition goes along with mine, which helps understanding the motions of my story and knowing the certain feelings that should flow from it. He helped to balance out the issues when Darkling and I had different opinions on how certain parts of the story should be written.

From all of this, we've created Eternity. A Flash fanfic created to fulfill the empty hearts of Kana fans that may have felt something missing from Ending 1. At least, it fills my emptiness.

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Last updated on December 30, 2008 01:10 AM