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Here are notes that I feel should be addressed before watching.  It might help clear up any questions you may have.


  • Watching these videos requires the Flash plug-in from  You can check your browser's current version of Adobe Flash Player here, and you can download the latest plug-in (version here.

  • These chapters are larger in file size than the first project.  Chapter one is particularly large, but you'll find out why when you watch it.  Chapter nine is the largest one by far.  I try to keep the files at a reasonable size, but using the pictures from the game take up a lot of space.  The music does too, even after reducing the quality.

  • Originally, there was no indicator to show when to click for the next line of text, and there are some moments where lines are timed.  However, I've now added an indicator to all of the chapters.  Still, just take your time when reading each chapter.

  • One of the key things you'll notice right away is that my brother likes to mix in Japanese words with his English.  The words he uses are simple and common ones, especially if you watch a lot of anime like we do.  But for those of you who don't know any Japanese, we've addressed the issue in the Flash.  Read the introduction notes in chapter 1 for a more detailed explanation.

  • A particular Japanese word that I need to point out is "Iie".  This means "No" in English.  It's simple enough, but when you read it in the Flash, it looks really similar to the word "Lie".  So just make sure that you don't get the two confused while reading.  Just look at the context.

  • Play the game first!  I shouldn't have to say this, but I'm going to just in case.  You can read these chapters without having played Kana: Little Sister, but you'll spoil the story.  It's really important to know the original story and who Taka and Kana are.  Otherwise you won't get as much as you could out of this fanfic.  So, if you haven't played the game, go buy it now!  You won't be sorry that you did. =)

  • This is really important.  If you've already read "My Sister, My Strength", you'll have to set your mind to ignore what happened in that story so you can focus on this timeline instead.  Go through Ending 1 of the game to refresh your memory if you have to.  Just remember that Darkling's timeline and J-Pop's timeline are completely separate.  I have to stress this point because it was a little hard for me to do.  But once the story gets started it'll be easier to follow.

  • Download versions of the chapters are now available.  A single batch .zip file has also been added.

  • Images and music used are from Kana ~Little Sister~ and Kana... Okaeri! (c) D.O. Corp / G-Collections

If I make changes to the chapters, I may feel the need to update the notes on this page, so just be aware of the date it was last updated.

Last updated on March 22, 2011 01:00 PM