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NOTE: Some links may contain 18+ content, especially the links to other bishoujo games.  (some links are outdated)

Here is a list of some of the best Kana related websites around:

Online shopping and information:

G-Collections - Published the English version of Kana: Little Sister.
D.O. Games - The creators of the original Kana Imouto.
Takayashiki Development - The creators of the Kana... Okaeri! (PC remake of Kana: Little Sister)
J-List - A great site for many bishoujo games.  You can purchase Kana: Little Sister here.
Peach Princess - One of the few remaining companies that continue to translate Japanese bishoujo games to English.
JAST USA - The latest news about upcoming dating-sims from Japan.  Lists a large library of bishoujo games that you can purchase.
Otakuism - JAST USA's side blog.  Get the latest game and event news here.
Hirameki - Site with a variety of AnimePlay PC and AnimePlay DVD games. (Out of business as of January 2, 2008) - One of my favorite online shopping sites.  You can buy the Kana Imouto Special Sound Album here. - You can buy the Kana Okaeri Complete Music CD here. - Free online encyclopedia.  General information on the game and characters for Kana Imōto (Kana ~Little Sister~).

Fan sites:

Kana: Fanfic Flash - My first Kana site.  A project completed by working with Darkling.
Kana: Little Fanfics - Kana fanfics written by Darkling.  Need I say more?
Wolfson's Den - A site that contains Kana fanfics with an interesting twist, as well as references to other bishoujo games.  A good read.
Kana's Left Kidney - A great fan site for Kana: Little Sister.  Also points out some interesting things about the game you may not have noticed.
The White Season - Another fan project site.  Kana Screenplays as well as other projects are being created here.
ATP Projects - Encyclopedia that specializes in information about English bishoujo games.  Even my site is listed there! (Site content has been reduced)
Ren'Ai Archives - A growing list of Ren'Ai games that you can play.  They are all fan-made, free, and in English.  Kana: Fanfic Flash has been added, too!
Ren'Ai Archives - Kana Fanfic Flash - Here's the page for Kana: Fanfic Flash.

Message boards:

GameFAQs Message Board - The place to go for an online discussion about Kana.
Peach Princess BBS - Message board for bishoujo games in general.  Kana fans abound. (Old link)
Otakuism BBS - The new home to the official discussion board for English language bishoujo games formerly known as the Peach Princess forums. (Old link)
JAST USA Forums - The Otakuism BBS has been moved to here.

Fan Fiction ~ Kana: WAFFO!

Kana: WAFFO! Main Page - Stands for "Write a Fun Fanfic Online!".  It's a collaborative effort by Kana fans to have fun writing Kana fanfics.
Kana: WAFFO! #1 - "Happy Birthday, Imouto-chan!" - Topic is now closed.
Kana: WAFFO! #2 - "Looking For Kana's Eyes" - Topic is now closed.
Kana: WAFFO! #3 - "Counterpoint in C" - Topic is now closed.

Objection, Bro! - KLS meets Phoenix Wright - Topic is open but dead.

Some of my favorite bishoujo games, visual novels, and other miscellaneous stuff:

Bishoujo games 18+:

Amorous Professor Cherry - I still need to finish this one.  I don't plan to anytime soon, though.  Meh.
Bazooka Cafe - I was surprised by this one.  The graphics turned me off at first, but I gave it a try and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Crescendo - Another bishoujo game by D.O.  A different kind of story, but it's right behind Kana in terms of story and characters.
Critical Point - An interesting sci-fi mystery game with constant twists in the plot.  See if you can solve the mystery before you reach the end.
Do You Like Horny Bunnies? - One of my earliest games.  It's a typical setup, but overall I enjoyed playing it.
Downhill Night 2 - Coming soon...
Downhill Night Blaze - Coming soon...
Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~ - To be honest, I enjoyed KLS more than FP.  But, overall, I still enjoyed it, despite its flaws.  Call me crazy if you want.
Figures of Happiness - A touching story with a unique setup.  It's a game that I would consider playing through a second time.
Heart de Roommate - Plays out like a 24 episode anime.  You'll either enjoy it or become annoyed with it.  I almost didn't make it past the third episode.
Hitomi ~ My Stepsister - Before you start thinking - no, this is not like Kana Little Sister.  It's darker.  MUCH darker.
Moero Downhill Night - Overall, it's about what I expected from the creators of Initial D.  The "races" are really easy, but I still had fun with it.
Pretty Soldier Wars A.D. 2048 - This one seems to have potential.  I'm still considering getting it.  I've tried it.  I don't like it.
Princess Waltz - Overall, a fun game.  The card battle system is simple, but at least it wasn't unbearable.  The game needs more Lun Lun, though.
Private Nurse - It's not what you probably think it is.  The game creates a very calm atmosphere while you play.  It's a good change from the norm.
Slave Pageant - Don't remember much about this game.  It didn't stand out too much for me.  It was okay, though.
Snow Drop - I love the opening theme to this game.  The story itself is pretty cool, but the game system is horrible.  You'll probably need a walkthrough.
Snow Sakura - Another game that I'm interested in getting.
The Sagara Family - Typical setup for a bishoujo game, but I still found it to be very entertaining.
Tokimeki Check-in!! - I still need to finish this one.  Eventually.  Maybe.
Virgin Roster - My first "evil" game.  You play as a teacher with some very dirty plans.  I have to admit, though, there were some awesome moments.
Yin-Yang! X-Change Alternative - If you can get past the whole male turns into female thing, the game is actually pretty entertaining.
Yume Miru Kusuri - This one met with some of my expectations, but fell short on others.  But overall, definitely a good game to pick up.

Bishoujo games 15+:

Ever17 - AnimePlay PC game.  Hot dang, this game is awesome.  If you haven't played this yet, buy it right now.
Hourglass of Summer - AnimePlay Interactive DVD.  Basically a bishoujo game without the hentai.  This one will take you a while to complete.

Visual / Kinetic Novels:

Stage-Nana - The developers behind the visual novel Narcissu.  Site used to be in both Japanese and English, but it seems like it's only Japanese now.
Narcissu - A free visual novel translated into English that's available for download.  It only takes a few hours to read, but has a very touching story.
Narcissu -Side 2nd- - The prequel to Narcissu.  The English version is FINALLY available for download. (Old link to demo)
Narcissu 3rd - Die Dritte Welt - Third game in the series.  Don't know where this fits in yet.  The Japanese version was released on April 27, 2009.

Key - Visual novel company that is best known for its visual novels Kanon and Air.  Site is in Japanese.
Planetarian - A Kinetic Novel created by Key.  Includes a guide on how to buy the game, an English patch for the Retail Edition, and an English Trial Edition.

Type-Moon - Japanese game company best known for their visual novels.  Created the popular visual novel Tsukihime.
Tsukihime - A Japanese doujin visual novel game created by Type-Moon.  Has also been adapted into an anime series.  Both kick ass.
Tsukihime Plus+Disc - Fan disk to Tsukihime.  It contains a few short side stories featuring various Tsukihime characters.  Short, but very amusing.
Kagetsu Tohya - Sequel to Tsukihime.  I think that the original game is slightly better, but this is still a great game that will take a while to complete.
Fate/Stay Night - Another awesome visual novel game by Type-Moon that also turned anime.  Mirror Moon has finished translating all routes.

Mirror Moon - Visual novel translation group.  Released an English translation patch for Tsukihime in late 2006.  Also translated the Tsukihime Plus+Disc.

Beast's Lair - You'll find the English patch for Kagetsu Tohya here.  Current version is 0.5.2.  I'm not exactly sure who translated it, though.


Jast USA H-Game Web Comic - A hilarious webcomic involving various bishoujo game characters and references.  Kana included.

Kana Little Sister PSP Port (Japanese only) - The original KLS has been ported with some changes and additions.  You can also watch the new opening.
Kana Little Sister PSP - You can buy the game from J-List here.

Contact me:

I'm always hanging around the GameFAQs message board for Kana; look for TheRealZ3ro.

My YouTube account: TheRealZ3ro.

Contact J-Pop:

You'll find my brother on the GameFAQs message board as JPop4Life.


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