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Warning: This page contains a few minor spoilers for Kana: Little Sister.  Your overall experience playing the game will not be affected if you read the following page, but you will become aware of some minor details for the game ahead of time.

Being interested in Japanese games like I am, one day I was browsing the Internet for any interesting games to play.  Then one of the games caught my eye; Kana: Little Sister.  The game's art and storyline grabbed my attention, as well as the reviews written by those who had played it.  The game seemed promising, so I decided to give it a go.  I had played a few other bishoujo games before, and the common element lacking from most of them was a really good story.  I was hoping that I would enjoy playing it, but I didn't want to set my expectations too high.  Boy, I was in for a surprise.

Kana: Little Sister is a very deep and emotional game.  It's more of an interactive novel that you read than an actual game.  But as you read through the story, you are given a list of choices at certain points of the game.  The choices that you make influence the story and effect the outcome of the game.  There are 6 endings total, including a short epilogue that you can read once you have met a certain condition in the game.

Kana's hospital window

You start off as a young boy named Taka Todo, age 10.  The game never says where it takes place, but I assume it to be somewhere in Japan.  You live with your father, your mother, and your little sister, Kana, age 8.  However, your younger sister is not well.  She has a life-threatening disease that prevents her from living a normal life.  She has chronic renal failure, an incurable disease.  She mostly spends her time at the hospital being treated, constantly missing school.  As you can imagine, she doesn't have many friends.  In fact, she doesn't have any friends at all.

You would think that as her older brother, Taka would want to take care of her.  But Taka thinks differently.  He hates Kana because of the attention that she gets from their parents.  Kana is physically very weak and fragile, and has to be taken care of carefully.  Kana's weakness is another reason that Taka despises her.  But his parents tell him to be strong and to take care of Kana.  Of course, Taka doesn't want to.

Taka is always picking on Kana, so his father has to constantly discipline him with the back of his hand.  This only causes Taka to hate Kana even more.  He takes every opportunity he can to treat Kana cruelly when his parents' backs are turned. However, after a certain event in the game, Taka's feelings for Kana change.  He realizes just how delicate Kana really is.  He becomes a loving brother that only wants to take care of his younger sister.

As you progress through the game, you get to influence Kana through the choices that you make as the two of you turn from kids to young adults.  It is a good idea to create a new save at each decision in case you wish to go back and choose a different action.  These choices are crucial to the health and well-being of Kana, who is constantly battling her seemingly incurable disease.  Could there really be a cure that can save Kana?  Is there anything that Taka can do to save his little sister?  Or will all of his efforts be for nothing?

Taka's little sister
Kana at school

There are a number of other characters that you will interact with as well.  There's Yumi Kashima, Taka's classmate, Miki Kondo, the nurse who primarily takes care of Kana at the hospital, Yuta Ito, one of Kana's classmates, as well as a few others.  I won't go into detail about each of them, but they all have a large impact on Taka and Kana's lives.  You can always go to G-Collections to read the short biographies for the different characters.  You should also visit Kana's Left Kidney, the ultimate Kana: Little Sister fan site, which includes a more in-depth look at each of the characters in the game.

The game's art style is done well.  I wouldn't say that the style is unique or anything, but I was pleased at how everything looked.  Even though KLS may becoming a little outdated, it's still enjoyable. Although a few of the images seem to misrepresent Taka and Kana's current age, the rest are nicely drawn.  The character's emotions are easily conveyed through the different CG's and character models.  Plus, Kana is just so darn cute!

The game does not have Japanese voices in it, but the soundtrack is great.  The CD actually contains both game data and the soundtrack.  You can even put the CD in a CD player and listen to the different tracks from the game.  This means you can rip the soundtrack straight from the game to your computer as well.  And you'll have good reason to rip the soundtrack.  The music in the game is just fantastic.  The main theme is called Shiroi Kisetsu, which translates to "The White Season".  There are two other vocals tracks as well.  All three of them sound awesome, and the main theme sets the stage perfectly for the game.  The rest of the music are instrumentals that help set the mood of the different scenes.  You can download the main theme from G-Collections (just scroll down towards the bottom for the link).

You can also buy the Kana Imouto Special Sound Album from Amazon.com.  It includes new music tracks, as well as slight remixes to some of the original tracks from the game.  A definite MUST for any Kana Fan.

Kana in the hospital

You can purchase Kana: Little Sister from a number of different websites, but I bought mine from J-List.  They are very responsive, and it didn't take long for my copy of the game to arrive at my house.  There is a wide selection of other bishoujo games you can purchase there as well, including game reviews and character bios.

Kana... Okaeri! (outdated info)

Takayashiki Development created Kana... Okaeri!, a PC remake of Kana: Little Sister.  It includes new CG's and character models, as well as voices for all of the main characters.  There were plans to also make Kana... Okaeri! for the Xbox, but as far as I know those plans have been scrapped.  Unfortunately, the PC version of the game is in Japanese, and I highly doubt that it will be translated to English any time soon.  You could always try using Oh! Text Hooker to play it if you ever got a hold of it, though.  Or better yet, you could try using Anime Games Text Hooker instead.  I couldn't get Oh! Text Hooker to work properly with Kana... Okaeri!, but Anime Games Text Hooker worked perfectly.  There's no official translation for Kana... Okaeri!, but AGTH makes it somewhat possible to play it.  Want to learn more?  Head over to my Troubleshooting page for details on getting started in the right direction.

Kana ~ Little Sister PSP

This is a placeholder for now.  Kana ~ Little Sister was just released for the PSP.  It's a little pricey at $68.00, though.  The core of the game is the same, but there are various changes and additions.  I'll update this with info when I found out more about it.

Last updated on October 15, 2010 11:17 PM