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This is where anything else about Kana goes.  Any updates or additions to the site will probably go here.  I'll try to avoid what other sites have already pointed out and stick to anything new that I discover or find particularly interesting.

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Kana in Crescendo

Crescendo is another game by D.O., and in the game there are two instances where Kana shows up.

The first time you can see Kana is early on in the game at school.  Outside of the nurse's office, you can see a poster of Kana on the notice board.  Bonus points if you can identify all five of the pictures used without cheating.  =P

The second time Kana appears is during a path when you go to the movies.  The film being shown there is called 'Look At Life'.  Two scenes from the game are shown at the theater:  Taka and Kana at the beach, and Kana's diary.  The music from Kana ~Little Sister~ actually plays inside the movie theater, so it feels like you're actually re-living the game.  When I left the theater, I totally forgot what game I was actually playing.

Crescendo school hallwayCrescendo movie theater 1Crescendo movie theater 2

If you ever wondered what Taka and Kana sound like, listen to the Flash video below.  The sound clips used are from the movie scene in Crescendo:

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