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I went to my very first Anime Expo convention this year.  I've always wanted to go to one, so when a couple of my friends invited me to go with them, I readily accepted.  It should go without saying, but I had a lot of fun.  It was pretty overwhelming, though.  Since it was my first convention, I wasn't exactly sure of what to expect.  The convention center was packed with attendees and exhibitors.  There was just so much to do there.  We mostly just wandered about and took pictures of the cosplayers.  Even so, I had a good time.

This has nothing to do with Kana Little Sister, but I felt like sharing some of the pictures that we took, anyways.  Some of them didn't come out as good as I had hoped, though.  A major problem was that some of the sections at the convention center had lighting that didn't like our camera.  Some of the pictures were a little too dark, and some were a little blurry.  But hey, we're not professional photographers.  You can find more/better pictures of the expo if you just search around, anyways.  This just gives you a taste of what I personally experienced.

And yes, my friends and I did cosplay.  We helped each other out and made our own costumes.  For the most part, they came out pretty good.  A few people took pictures of us at the expo, but not too many.  Mostly, it's because are characters weren't easily recognized.  We didn't choose characters from well-known and popular animes such as Bleach or Naruto (ugh).  Our characters come from a manga that hasn't turned into an anime (at least, not yet), so it's not surprising that only a few people recognized us.  The manga is called Zombie Powder.  My friends went as Gamma Akutabi and Wolfina, and I went as Balmunk.  You can see us in the first picture in that respective order from left to right (the person who took our picture blurred it).  I'm on the right.  I think that this is the first time I've ever uploaded a picture of me.  o_0

These are only some of the pictures that we took.  I'm thinking about uploading all of them in a different manner, later.  But until I do that, I want to share some of my favorite ones.  For now, I've reduced their sizes and only touched up a few of them that badly needed it.  So, forgive me for their current quality.  Also, I don't know the name of every character shown here since some of these were taken by my friends and not by me.  I've named the pictures either by the character's name or the game/anime that they come from.

Anime Expo [AX] 2008

Zombie Powder Peach & Daisy Scout & Heavy Rider Solid Snake Archer Maruchan Instant Lunch ?
Devil May Cry? ? Marvin the Martian Cloud & Sephiroth Saber Ike Pyro ?
Phoenix Wright Gundam Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Reno Captain Jack Sparrow Samurai Darth Vader Black Mages Peter Pan & Captain Hook
Scout Reisen Udongein Inaba & Tewi Inaba Zombie Aeris Milly Thompson Umbrella Corp. Lloyd Irving & Colette Brunel Vash the Stampede Samus Aran
Full Metal Alchemist Barret The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask The Legend of Zelda Hatsune Miku Alphonse Elric God of War ?

* If you are one of the characters posing in these pictures and you wish to have your picture removed, please contact me and I will do so right away. *

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