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I've finished playing Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~, and there were some interesting moments in the game.  I'm using this page to show a few things from it, but don't worry—I'll keep it free of any major spoilers.  I won't spoil anything major in the game like the story or plot twists, although some of these are fun to discover on your own.

As a note, there's a section of reused background CGs from KLS.  If you haven't played KLS yet, you won't know where these CGs fit in, so you won't really be spoiled if you look at them.  They're just background CGs, anyways, so you shouldn't worry about it.

For those of you who don't mind having a few in-game jokes spoiled, I've put up a few of my favorite ones on this page.  I've also taken some pictures out of content and/or made edits to them for fun.  There are no major spoilers regarding the story or anything like that.


My package arrives:

My pre-order of Family Project arrives on Monday, July 20, 2009.  It was a Seaking moment.

Darkling's package arrives:

Darkling stole my idea and spoofed my picture!  I have to admit, I laughed my ass off.

Arch Evil's package arrives:

Shortly after, Arch's package arrived.  He killed Seaking!  NOOOOOOOO!!!

Over 9000:

This line occurs very early in the game.  It was not intended to be in the final product.  It was supposed to be commented out, but something went wrong.  I thought it was pretty funny, though.  It totally fit the current situation.  Peter commented on this here.

A patch has been released that "fixes some minor text issues present in the game."  I was nearly finished with the game by the time it was released, so I didn't bother updating it.  You can grab the patch from the game's page here.

Reused background CGs

The Cafe:


The Festival:


The Road:


The Hill:


The House:


The House at night:


The Alleyway:


I was surprised when I encountered the first reused CG in Family Project.  It was only a cafe, so it didn't really bother me.  But holy crap, D.O. reused a bunch of CGs from Kana.

However, hyperforce reminded me of a scene in Family Project.  He said, "During this scene the background is black, and one of the characters makes a remark on this saying that they probably didn't have enough money to create the BG art. This might explain why they reused several images from KLS."

I know what scene he's talking about, and this seems like a logical explanation.  D.O. must have reused these CGs to save money.  How much does it cost per CG anyways?  I figure that CGs with major characters would be the most expensive, but these are just background CGs.  Is it really that expensive for one?

Also, why are some CGs slanted differently?  o_0

Now that I've finished the game:

I extracted all the images from the game, and I found that there were other KLS CGs included.  I don't recall actually encountering some of them during the game, so maybe they were just leftovers.  I also found some *ahem* interesting unused images.  It seems the creators made several of them to cover all situations that could happen in the game, but some weren't used and remained in the resource file.

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