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Kana logoWelcome to Zero's Kana: Eternity, my second website dedicated to fan fiction based on the Japanese bishoujo game titled: Kana ~Little Sister~ (also known as Kana ~Imouto~ in Japan).  If you've been to my other website, then you know what this is all about.  If you haven't, I'd recommend checking it out first: Kana: Fanfic Flash.  With that out of the way, let me elaborate about this new project.

When I finished playing Kana, I needed some way to end my restlessness.  Working with Darkling and turning his fanfic "My Sister, My Strength" into "Kana: Fanfic Flash" was exactly what I needed.  So, Darkling and I could rest easy thinking about Kana.  But what about my brother?

I was the one who introduced him to Kana Little Sister, and I could see that it had the same effect on him as it did on me.  Maybe it had more of an impact in some ways.

That's what this project was all about.  It was my brother's turn to do something for Kana.  Being the creative guy that he is, J-Pop decided to do what I did not: he wrote a fanfic of his own.  And it's a pretty damn good one in my opinion (and I don't praise my bro that often). =P

Since my brother's English skills are not the best (sorry, bro, gotta tell it like it is), we enlisted Darkling's help with the script editing.  The majority of the editing was done by them, but I helped pitch in just a little.

With the script finished, it was once again my job to turn it into Flash.  After many months of working on and off, Eternity was finally completed.  I know it took a long time, but at least it's done now.

Downloadable versions of all the chapters are now available.  A single batch .zip file is also now available.

This project will feel familiar, but this time it should look a little more fine-tuned.  You'll also see a few new things that we've added to make it a little more interesting. =)

Here are some technical things you need to know:

This story follows Ending 1 of Kana Little Sister.  If you haven't gotten that ending yet, do so before reading the chapters.

This story takes place in a different timeline than Darkling's fanfics and Kana: Fanfic Flash.

We hope that you enjoy Kana: Eternity.  This goes out to all of the Kana fans, old and new.

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Last updated on September 23, 2011 12:09 AM

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