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Kana logoWelcome to Zero's Kana: Fanfic Flash, a website dedicated to fan fiction based on the Japanese bishoujo game titled: Kana ~Little Sister~ (also known as Kana ~Imouto~ in Japan).  This is my first website, so there may be some issues with it.  Expect to see changes every now and then.  I apologize in advance for any problems you may encounter here.

First off, I would like to say that this site is not a normal fanfic site.  I didn't even write these fan fictions myself.  They were written by the talented Darkling of the website Kana: Little Fanfics.  You can find his fanfics in original format there, as well as others.

Upon finishing playing Kana: Little Sister, like many players I was left wanting more from the main ending.  I couldn't get Kana out of my head for weeks.  All I could think about was the game and how sad I was that it was over.  I scouted the internet for anything about Kana.  Anything that would soothe my desire for more.

That was when I discovered Darkling's website.  His fanfics are written as a continuation of the game's story from the main ending.  Darkling's fanfics were just what I needed to help bring closure to the game's story for me.  I also enjoyed reading Wolfson's Omake World stories as well.  You can find them at his website: Wolfson's Den.  His stories place characters from Kana: Little Sister, as well as himself, Darkling, and others, into an alternate world filled with other bishoujo game references.  The stories are meant to be more light-hearted and comical than Darkling's fanfics, but also have their dark (and even scary) moments.  They're all well-written stories, and I highly recommend them for others to read.

I had a great time reading both Darkling's and Wolfson's fanfics.  My creative side started to kick in, and I wanted to do something related to Kana.  Writing good stories isn't one of my better talents, so I couldn't write a fanfic of my own.  I needed to do something a little more personally active and involved, anyways.  I like fiddling around with programs that create games, videos, programs, etc., so I decided to take Kana and apply it to one of my favorite programs: Macromedia Flash.

I came up with the idea to turn Darkling's first fanfic "My Sister, My Strength" into Flash.  After being given permission to use his fanfic, I transcribed each My Sister, My Strength chapter into individual Flash videos.  These Flash chapters have been created to present Darkling's writings as a new experience.  We have tried to emulate Kana: Little Sister's gameplay with the intent to make it seem like our readers are playing a real continuation of the game's story.  We only simulate the game style so much, though.

While I was the one doing all the Flash work, Darkling was kind enough to help supervise the creation of each chapter, as well as break each chapter's script down for me.  He may be halfway across the world from me, but our project was a team effort.  I couldn't have done it without him.

Those of you who have already read Darkling's fanfics before will not find any new story here.  However, I think that the different experience you will have reading them through Flash is well worth your time.

There are currently no plans to turn Darkling's two other Kana fanfics (New Blooms and Blinding White) into Flash videos.  I actually have not even read them yet (I'm sort of saving them for a rainy day, if you know what I mean).  But there's always a chance that I might do them in the future.  Being a full-time student takes up a lot of my time, so I have to think carefully about starting any new project.  Doing Flash work by yourself can take a while.


If you're looking for something new, I've completed another project.  This project is called Kana: Eternity, and it's a new fanfic that was written by my brother.  Just click on the link to go to my Eternity site to learn more about it.

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Last updated on September 23, 2011 12:08 AM

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